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Client Attributes:

Most of our clients have completed or nearly completed the accumulation stage of their financial lives. For most of them management of risk is as important as pursuit of gain, because they could not replace, the capital they have accumulated with future earnings.

A substantial portion of our clients seek to generate investment income from their portfolios, as well as capital appreciation, and some are dependent on their portfolios to maintain their lifestyles.

Generally, our clients are middle-aged or older with significant investment assets. Some have tens of millions of dollars in their portfolios. They tend to have several of these attributes:

Our younger clients tend to be entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses, and who do not wish to work again. Our older clients include former entrepreneurs and people who through high incomes, wise investing or a combination have accumulated substantial sums and now seek time to enjoy their lives without intense concentration on their portfolios.

All of our clients are people who do not want to be "sold" investments, who do not want to be put into a "cookie cutter" model portfolio, who want a customized portfolio suitable to them, and who wish to have a direct and one-to-one relationship with and ready access to the person who manages their money.

Some clients manage their own money and simply need a dependable person to call upon to discuss ideas and get second opinions, or particular research. They are our Investment Coaching clients.

Some clients do not wish to manage their own money, and want someone else to do that, but in a collaborative way so that they always know what they own, why they own it, what to expect from the portfolio and under what circumstances they should change or exit positions or allocations. They are our Portfolio Management client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not sell investments or have custody of client assets, nor do we participate in capital gains on managed accounts. We are professional advisors compensated on an hourly basis or flat fee basis for portfolio management or for our coaching advice. Clients for personal investment advice receive recommendations and guidance tailored to their specific needs. Newsletters and research publications, are not personal investment advice, are generic in nature and should not be interpreted as specific advice for any specific person or situation. In our research, we utilize information sources that we believe are reliable, but do not warranty the accuracy of those sources or our analysis. Opinions expressed in any of our commentaries, anywhere on this site or in our publications, or in any republication of our materials, are as of the date of publication, and may not represent our views at subsequent times. Our opinions and positions may change as subsequent conditions vary. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, and there is no guarantee that any forecast will come to pass. Do not rely solely on this material when making an investment decision. Other factors may be important too. Investment involves risks of loss of capital. Consider seeking professional advice before implementing your portfolio ideas.
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