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Two Personal Services:

We offer two personal services: Portfolio Management and Investment Coaching.

Coaching: For those who manage their own portfolios, but have hit a rough spot in the road where they need to discuss and review the issues, risk and opportunities with a professional, our coaching service is helpful. For those who manage their own portfolios, but need a competent and objective professional second opinion, or additional perspective, or supplemental research, our coaching service is helpful. And, for those who manage their own portfolios, but want a fresh start to clean up and reorganize, perhaps reorient on a one-off basis, our coaching service is also helpful.

Portfolio Management: For those who can manage their own portfolios, but do not have the time or the interest to do so, and who don't want to work with a commission sales person, and don't want to work through a client relations representative who does not actually manage their money, and who do not want to be crammed into a cookie cutter model portfolio, and who want ready one-to-one access to the person who manages their money, and who want that manager to have years of experience and significant amounts of personal investment assets working too; our Portfolio Management service is available. For those whose have have the time, but perhaps not the skill or confidence to manage their portfolio, our Portfolio Management service makes sense.


The coaching relationship can be whatever you want it to be. You define the need. We provide the solution on a time and expense basis. ... see Our Fees.

The portfolio management relationship is customized to your circumstances, your needs, your limits, your goals, and is done in the context of all of your assets, not just those that we directly manage. ... see Client Interaction.

We manage assets through either Charles Schwab or Fidelity, although we prefer to work with Schwab, because their trailing stop loss orders do not expire, while those at Fidelity doe expire (when trailing stop loss orders expire, the amount of work to manage stops thereafter is high, and the effectiveness is less than if they did not expire).

To initiate a relationship, we enter into a basic contract which is required by law for advisors, and you then simply provide us with what is known as "limited power" for your retail brokerage account. Limited Power, means that we can access your account for information purposes and for execution of trades on your behalf, but not to take funds from the account or cause funds to leave the account for any reason. You maintain full control of the account at all times and should you ever decide to terminate the arrangement with us, you simply turn off our access. Our fees are month-to-month, so there is no residual fee liability should you cancel the management agreement. ... see Our Fees and see Investment Approach.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not sell investments or have custody of client assets, nor do we participate in capital gains on managed accounts. We are professional advisors compensated on an hourly basis or flat fee basis for portfolio management or for our coaching advice. Clients for personal investment advice receive recommendations and guidance tailored to their specific needs. Newsletters and research publications, are not personal investment advice, are generic in nature and should not be interpreted as specific advice for any specific person or situation. In our research, we utilize information sources that we believe are reliable, but do not warranty the accuracy of those sources or our analysis. Opinions expressed in any of our commentaries, anywhere on this site or in our publications, or in any republication of our materials, are as of the date of publication, and may not represent our views at subsequent times. Our opinions and positions may change as subsequent conditions vary. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, and there is no guarantee that any forecast will come to pass. Do not rely solely on this material when making an investment decision. Other factors may be important too. Investment involves risks of loss of capital. Consider seeking professional advice before implementing your portfolio ideas.
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